Nelson Hendler, M.D., M.S.

Chronic Pain


Nelson Hendler, M.D., M.S., is the Clinical Director at Mensana Clinic. He authored 3 books, 29 medical textbook chapters, and 50 articles in medical journals, in addition to giving over 208 lectures about pain, nationally and internationally.

Dr. Hendler is on the faculty of an internationally renowned medical school, and the dental school in Baltimore. He provides direct medical care for all the patients, and sees the patients, himself, 7 days a week. Mensana Clinic is a multi-disciplinary diagnostic clinic for patients with chronic pain, such as low back pain, neck pain, limb pain, face pain, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, nerve entrapments, radiculopathies, broken fusions, poor recovery after laminectomy, and pain for which there is no diagnosis.

Mensana Clinic was listed in Business Week as one of the 8 best pain treatment centers in the United States, along with Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins Hospital and Cleveland Clinic. Also, Mensana Clinic was described in a key article by US News & World Report, March 17, 1997. The article described the patient David Bogan who was a victim (back injury) in an auto accident. His chronic pain started after surgery and no one could treat him. He has been to 20 doctors, drained his savings and still has the pain. He even started thinking about suicide, but he was lucky because he was referred to Mensana Clinic.

In terms of patient referrals, 98% of the referrals to Mensana Clinic are from physicians. Also, over 75% of the residential patients at Mensana Clinic are from 32 states and 8 foreign countries. Mensana Clinic specializes in patients with auto accident injuries and workers compensation, as well as those with difficult to diagnose pain problems. Mensana Clinic has published outcome studies, available on request, which document that:
a) between 40% to 66% of the patients referred to Mensana Clinic have not been adequately diagnosed before being seen at Mensana Clinic. As a result of this finding, extensive diagnostic evaluations, using a number of different types of physicians, are usually required. All consulting physicians are on the full time or part-time faculty of one of the 2 medical schools in Baltimore.
b) between 50% to 55% of the patients seen at Mensana Clinic are referred for additional surgery.
c) In a group of patients, for whom the insurance companies report a return to work rate of less than 1%, Mensana Clinic has a return to work rate of 62.5% for auto accident patients and 19.5% for workers compensation patients. Mensana Clinic have 19 years of experience in treating chronic pain patients. During that time, 1,234 residential patients and 5,459 outpatients were treated. Also, Mensana’s facilities include its clinical offices and the Mensana Inn, as a convenience or out-of-town patients.


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